Shenker Architects

Provides services in building design, construction management and interior design.
The firm is striving to solve clients’ needs with innovative design, taking responsibility for most intricate space planning, technical and aesthetic tasks, all within realistic budget and schedule limits.

The firm offers extensive experience in a broad spectrum of architectural project types ranging from affordable to high-end residential, from medical clinics and corporate offices to restaurants and retail, from religious facilities and concert halls to manufacturing buildings. There is no project too small or too large for us – Mr.Shenker has been the architect for commissions ranging from tiny apartments up to 100,000 square feet projects. He has managed projects with construction costs up to $12,000,000, completed and built in New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Russia and Ukraine.

The design philosophy of the firm is based on a strong persuasion that great buildings are built by great teams, where the Client, Architect and Builder must have a sense of mutual achievement, as well as inspiration which allows us to create something special.

All projects receive personalized professional service from inception through occupancy. We design buildings as a whole system where the exterior logically rises from the inner spaces meanwhile the interior rationally reflects it’s surroundings. We strive to pay attention to every detail and building element, as well as to consistency of design throughout the whole project. We are strongly convinced that for a projects success an architect’s involvement is critical from the time of site consideration and far beyond construction completion.